The Leche Trust

The Leche Trust is a registered charity (225659). It was founded in 1950 and endowed by the late Mr. Angus Acworth, CBE and operates under a Deed of Settlement dated 1 February 1963. The Chairman of the trustees is Lady Anne Greenstock. A list of the trustees and further details of the Trust and its finances may be found here.

The Trust has the power to make grants for any object or purpose which is recognised as charitable and in particular for (a) the furtherance of education or academic research and (b) the support of the National Trust and the preservation of rural England and (c) financing the visits of teachers and students abroad. At present, it is the trustees' policy to concentrate their work in five areas. They are:

  • the promotion of amity and good relations between Britain and third world countries;
  • assistance to academic, educational or other organisations concerned with music, drama, dance and the arts;
  • the preservation of buildings and their contents and the repair and conservation of church furniture (with particular emphasis on the Georgian period) conservation in all its aspects; and
  • the preservation of the nation's countryside, towns, villages and historic landscapes.

Fuller details of the way in which the Trust works in these categories may be found in the Guidelines section. Intending applicants are strongly advised to read these carefully.

The trustees meet three times a year in February, June and October to review the applications received in the major grant categories. The Trust does not have an application form for the major categories of grants and initial approach should be made by letter, with accompanying evidence of the project, or by telephone to the Secretary.

The funding of overseas students is on a rolling programme and students can apply at any time. It should be noted that application can only be made by students in the final six months of a PhD course and under the age of 35. The Trustees do use an application form for the overseas students and copies of the application form and guidance notes can be obtained from the Secretary.

Applications that fall outside the terms of reference of the Trust will be notified within two weeks. Applications which are eligible for consideration will not be notified until the final selection is made to be put forward for the Trustees’ consideration. The Secretary will contact the applicant if further information is required.

Deadline for applications:
All applications must be received by letter, together with all relevant support papers and budgets. No application can be received by email.

20th December for February meeting
20th April for June meeting
20th August for October meeting

The Trust is a supporter of The Heritage Alliance and a member of the Association of Charitable Foundations