Privacy policy

The Leche Trust collects and holds personal information for the purpose of processing applications for grants. This statement explains what personal information we hold, how we use it and how long we keep it.

We seek your consent to our holding this information at the same time that you make an application to us for a grant, and if you don't give us your explicit consent, we don't hold your data. You can also withdraw your consent during the application process, but if and when an award has is made, we will hold your data for the purpose of contractually servicing the award, and to comply with regulatory audit requirements.

Your Rights

We have actively taken steps to ensure that we comply with the relevant legislation, including the Data Protection Act (1998), and the more recent General Data Protection Regulation (2018).

At any time, you have the right to ask us to do the following:

  • Request access to your data from us ('Subject Access Request')

  • Request that we rectify inaccuracies with your data

  • Request that we restrict processing of your data, for example, if you contest the accuracy of the data this will effectively suspend processing of your application until the matter is resolved

  • Request that we erase your data, where you believe that it is being held outside our stated policy

  • Request that we supply your data in a structured, commonly used, machine read-able format.

Should you make any such requests, we will take reasonable steps to verify your identity, to ensure that we protect you from unauthorised requests.


In any circumstance where we shred paper copies of information, we always do this to the European standard for information destruction (BSEN15713:2009) and require the appropriate certification. 

Privacy Enquiries

Any queries regarding access to your data and your privacy should be addressed to the Grants Director ( who is responsible for all aspects of data privacy for the Leche Trust, in its role as the 'Data Controller' of your personal data.  

Main Grants Programme

Under the Leche Trust's grants programme for conservation and the performing arts, applications are only accepted on behalf of organisations, not individuals. We maintain a record of all applications received, whether successful or unsuccessful, on our grants database. The personal information thus acquired normally comprises the name, job title and organisational contact details of the person making the application on the organisation's behalf. In some cases the person making the application, for example a volunteer on behalf of a charity, supplies their private address and contact details.

If your application is successful and you are awarded a grant, we will retain your application record, which includes personal data, for five years for audit purposes from the financial year in which the payment was made. The charity's auditors may seek to consult a sample of individual grant files in the course of verifying that the charity's financial transactions have been properly carried out.  After five years all personal data associated with an application/grant award is deleted but information about the project itself is retained as part of the Trust’s archive.

If your application is unsuccessful we delete any personal data while retaining the information about the project itself.

We do not share personal data supplied by applicants with any other organisation or individual.

In the course of processing applications we may consult publicly-available information about organisations on the websites of the Charity Commission and Companies House.


The Leche Trustees may also from time to time award bursaries to individual students studying conservation and craft skills. This is not an open application scheme but is operated through invited submissions from selected training institutions. The submission by the training institution must include the student's consent for the information to be shared with the Leche Trust.

Where a bursary is awarded, the payments are made directly to the training institution.  The digital case file which contains the student's personal information together with related correspondence and subsequent progress reports, is retained for audit purposes for five years following the financial year in which the payment was made. Where a submission does not result in the award of a bursary it is deleted together with any associated information.

We retain a summary list, containing no personal information, of the number of submissions received each year from the selected institutions and the course content of the bursaries awarded.

Updated 2023